Who am I ?

Amit Gupta
..... Not your Guy Next Door
Age: is just a state of mind ;)

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As seen on IndiaTV & NDTV and as read in Hindustan Times ;)

Me? I'm a laid back, happy-go-lucky, no-nonsense person. I like meeting new people, visiting new places, building stuff and taking photos.

A software engineer by trade, I'm a human by actions; I build web applications for a living, blog to siphon off excess thoughts, do photography for fun and travel for rejuvenation.

I got the blogging bug back in 1999 when a new service called Blogger came along & I read in some tech magazine about it and what blogging is. Blogging continued on & off from then till 2004 but reading continued regularly. It was in early 2004 when I came across WordPress and on 1st April 2004 I got back into active blogging drive on my web development blog. Then later in 2005 I came across a really easy way of writing Hindi (my mother tongue) in unicode using phonetic keyboard mapping and hence started my Hindi blog. Since early 2006 I became involved behind the scenes in a number of hindi community projects of Akshargram Network, which included the popular Hindi blog aggregator Narad. I also co-founded the first Hindi discussion forum Paricharcha in 2006.

Since January 2007, I've also been associated with Global Voices Online, as an author in the South Asia team, & Paula Góes interviewed me once for Global Voices Online.

I co-founded Delhi Blog and New Media Society, a non-profit entity for promotion of blogging & citizen media in New Delhi and National Capital Region, with 3 other fellow bloggers in January 2008. The society's first event on 12th January 2008 got exclusive coverage by NDTV and it is now a 500+ strong community.

In May 2008 launch of Indian Blog and New Media Society was officially announced. IBNMS is a not-for-profit grouping of all stakeholders in the blog and new media space from India but open to membership from all over the world. I'm one of the proud co-founders of IBNMS and currently serve as a Director(Technology) on its board. The society kicked off in style by organising (in collaboration with DBNMS) first ever BlogCamp in Delhi.